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Our workshops are designed to meet you at your level and elevate your skills, whether you're a beginner starting your audio journey, or a working professional looking to refine your skills.

Expand Your Audio Knowledge

Recording & Mixing a Song

Youth Workshop (ages 15-20)

Step inside the studio and experience the magic of music production during this youth recording workshop!

In this two day workshop you will act as an Assistant Audio Engineer, collaborating with musicians and producers to take a song from an idea to a final mix. Learn about microphones, recording techniques and the computer software used in music production. 

Sound for Video Games

Youth Workshop (ages 15-20)

How is sound created for your favourite video games?

In this two day workshop you will learn how to record, edit, and apply audio 'assets' like voices, sound effects, and music to a video game using Pro Tools and the Unity Game Engine.

Dolby Atmos Accelerator

Professional Development

Instantly expand your sonic landscape through this immersive audio workshop. Learn the concepts of immersive audio using the Dolby Atmos format, to configure your DAW and the Atmos Renderer, trouble shooting and 'best practice' techniques.

How to Register


Select Your Workshops

Choose a single workshop or multiple workshops by adding them to your booking.


Registration Form

Fill in your contact and billing information then proceed to the checkout screen.


Checkout & Invoice

Within 24hours you will receive your registration invoice. MOSMA accepts e-transfer or cheque (Debit & Credit cards not accepted).

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