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About Us

Over 28 Years of a Sound Education

Since offering our first full-time programme in 1995, we have been dedicated to growing and developing the audio industry in Manitoba by providing a formal education that enables aspiring individuals pursuing a career in the audio industry.

MOSMA classroom

Our Story

What began as part-time audio training hosted at Mid-Ocean Recording Studios in the early 90s, became the foundation for what would soon become MOSMA | Mid-Ocean School of Media Arts, and our Audio in Media programme.

As the audio industry was undergoing transformative changes, we recognized the importance for specialized training that could prepare individuals for careers in this growing industry. MOSMA serves to nurture talent, stimulate creativity, and provide an opportunity for you to turn your creativity into a sound career.

Teaching Methods

Students deserve our focus. At MOSMA, we ensure our students benefit from an abundance of hands-on practical training, and individual attention from faculty and mentors; maintaining this across all of our offerings gives our students a greater training experience.

Studying With Us

Important to a solid curriculum is additional exposure to industry professionals through mentorships, lectures and workshops and a strong faculty. Providing our graduates with a competitive skill-set that helps them transition into careers in the industry; offering a lifetime of resources and opportunities to develop their craft during and after their training.

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