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The Forks Winnipeg

Future Students

Winnipeg offers our students a great opportunity to be a part of a vibrant arts community.

Studying in Winnipeg

Every year MOSMA welcomes students from Manitoba and many provinces across Canada. Having students from various provinces adds a unique element to our learning environment, as we know that each individual brings with them their own experiences and knowledge.

City Bus


MOSMA is located in central Winnipeg, a fifteen-minute bus ride to the downtown area where most transfer locations to various parts of the city are available.

Take advantage of Student ID Go-Cards

For more information: Winnipeg Transit


Winnipeg is home to many post-secondary educational institutions and this is reflected in the high availability of short term housing for students. The low cost of living in the city makes it easier for any student to live and study within their budget.

For more information: Winnipeg Homestay Agency, Homestay In Winnipeg, Rent Board

Winnipeg Proencher Bridge and Human Rights Museum

International Student Admission

We believe that international students add a cross-cultural experience to our school in that it unites a diverse group of people from Canada and around the world into a unique community, which extends from the classroom to everyday life.

International Admission

Applicants who are not Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada whose primary language is not English must ensure all official documents required in the application package are translated to English. Applicants must also provide evidence of proficiency in English.

English Proficiency

English is the language of instruction and communication at MOSMA. Applicants whose primary language is not English must demonstrate an understanding adequate to meet the demand of classroom/studio instruction, written assignments, and participation in discussions. 

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Translated Documents

Academic records must be translated in their entirety, including any information that appears on the reverse side of any document by a certified English translator. Please submit both the translated and original copies in your application package.

International Study Permit

To study in Canada you may need a study permit and or temporary residential visa, though not everyone must have these documents, most foreign students require a study permit to study in Canada. 

For more information on studying in Canada visit:

Immigration Canada

International students are encouraged to apply at least 5 months prior to your interested start date.


If you are accepted to the Audio in Media programme, this ensures ample time to find accommodations and to apply and process your application for a study permit.

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