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Audio in Media Indigenous Scholarship

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At MOSMA, we believe there is a need to increase the growth of Indigenous professionals in our industry. Manitoba has a strong population of Indigenous communities with a diverse and creative heritage. These communities have individuals with great potential to express and educate future generations. To nurture their potential, MOSMA developed the Audio in Media Indigenous Scholarship (AIMIS).


With successful application, this scholarship offers a financial award to recipients who successfully complete the Audio in Media programme. It is meant to aid students relying on financial assistance in pursuing technical training and help them enter the industry upon completion. 

Our goals are to encourage artistic individuals from communities across Manitoba to pursue a creative career in audio production and to nourish their talents so they can begin a professional career in a vibrant and rewarding industry. Through these talented individuals we hope to promote a culture that is meaningful and educational to all Canadians.


​We have confidence this scholarship along with our continued collaboration with supporting organizations, will help realize our goals in fostering a strong presence of Indigenous professionals within the Audio Production Industry in Manitoba and across Canada.  


In order to be eligible for the Audio in Media Indigenous Scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements.

Scholarships will be awarded upon successful completion of the Audio in Media programme (70% GPA).

1.  Proof of Indigenous Ancestry

2.  Must be a Manitoba resident

3.  Accepted and registered to the Audio in Media programme. (current academic year)

4.  Approved for funding with your Indigenous organization. (notification letter required)

Application Dates

Two scholarships will be awarded with recipients being announced October 18th, 2024.

Audio in Media Indigenous Scholarship Application Form

Application deadline: July 12, 2024

Scholarship Award: $2,000.00

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