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Audio in Media

  • Programme Length: 1-Year (1305 contact hours)
  • Programme Calendar: September to June
  • Next Start Date: September 1, 2021
  • Class Times: Monday to Friday
  • Qualification Awarded on Completion: Diploma & Pro Tools User Certification
  • Limited Class Size
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    Objectives & Overview »

    The Audio in Media programme is designed to give students the necessary theoretical and practical training to enter the Audio Production Industry. Our one year full-time diploma programme trains students in the main fields of audio; Music Production, Sound for Film and Television, Sound for Interactive Media, Radio Production and Live Event Technologies.

    The Audio in Media programme is composed of three terms. Term One: Audio Production Concepts & Technology introduces students to fundamental concepts, vocabulary, and various hardware and software technology in audio production. Term Two: Mentorships & Production Intensives introduces professionals in the industry through mentorship. Term two concludes with Production Practicals in all audio production fields. Term Three: Electives and Work-Experience allows students to choose two focused fields of audio production developing advanced skill gained through extensive work and "on the job" experience with our practicum pathway partners.

    • + Curriculum »

      Term One: Audio Concepts & Technology (15 weeks)

      This term equips students with a solid understanding of the concepts and tools necessary to capture and manipulate quality sound. It evolves from theoretical discussion and demonstration by the instructor to student practice.

      • Acoustics and Psychoacoustics
      • Sound Transmission
      • Introduction to Audio Production Fields:
        Music Production
        Radio Production
        Sound for Visual Media/Game Audio
        Live Sound Reinforcement
      • The Recording Chains & Audio Connectivity
      • Consoles, Mixers & Pre-Amps
      • Audio Signal Flow
      • Technical Ear Training
      • Monitors & Reproduction Sound Fields
      • Recording Media - Analogue Recording and Digital Recording
      • Microphones & Microphone Techniques
      • Instrument Recording Workshops
      • Signal Processors I - Equalisers (EQ)
      • Signal Processors II - Variable Gain Amplifiers
      • Signal Processors III - Reverbs & Delays)
      • Introduction to Pro Tools (100 & 110)
      • MIDI , Synthesis & Virtual Instruments

      Term Two: Mentorships & Production Intensives (14 weeks)

      Students will move into Audio Production Mentorships gaining advanced training and valuable insight from professionals in the industry through mentorship. Mentors will guide students through their area of expertise demonstrating current production techniques and offer valuable insight to their field of practice. Through production intensives, students will take their learned knowledge of concepts & technology previously learned and apply them to more specialized fields of audio production each to be evaluated.

      • Music Production Mentorship I & II - Multi-Track Recording
      • Advanced Multi-Track Recording
        Advanced Mixing
      • Music Production Mentorship III - Mastering
      • Sound for Visual Media Mentorship I - Location Sound
      • Boom Mics & Techniques
        Radio Mics & Techniques
      • Sound for Visual Media Mentorship II - Post-Production
      • Advanced Pro Tools
        Dialogue Editing
        ADR Recording
        Foley Recording
        SFX Editing
        Re-Recording Mixing
      • Sound for Visual Media Mentorship III - Game Audio
      • Video Game Workflows
        Sounds in Games
        Asset Creation
        Music in Games
        Asset Integration & Middleware
      • Radio Production Mentorship
      • Voice Coaching
        Commercial Production
        Imaging Production
      • Live Sound Reinforcement Mentorship
      • PA Setups
        Stage Setups
        Monitor Mixes
        Front of House Mixing
      • Production Intensives:
        Music Production
        Radio Production
        Sound for Visual Media

      Term Three: Electives & Work-Experience (10 weeks)

      Students choose two areas of audio production in which they conduct more demanding and focused projects. This term also includes work experience placement with one of our industry partners. In the final week of the programme, industry lecturers will guide students in portfolio development and career planning.

      • Elective 1
      • Elective 2
      • Portfolio Development
      • Career Planning & Industry Orientation

      • + Tuition Information »

        Tuition for the Audio in Media programme is $19,900.00; this includes all books & supplies.

        Mid-Ocean School of Media Arts is a registered Private Vocational Institution under The Private Vocational Institutions Act; as such, students are eligible for funding options to assist with their educational training. Please contact our admissions office if you require assistance or have questions regarding financial planning.

        • + Scholarships & Awards »

          The Audio in Media Indigenous Scholarship (AIMIS) offers a financial award towards tuition for the Audio in Media diploma programme. Our aim is to encourage creative individuals to nourish their talents and begin their careers in a vibrant and challenging industry. Through these talented individuals, we hope to promote a culture that is meaningful and educational to all Canadians.

          We have confidence that this scholarship along with our continued collaboration with supporting organizations, will help realize our goal in fostering a strong presence of Indigenous professionals within the Audio Production Industry in Manitoba and across Canada.

          Please contact us to receive more information about this Scholarship.